How to Fake It till You Make It?

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Courtesy – YouTube

If you loved the above video and still reading this highly researched article, then we are sure you’ve got big dreams to go out and achieve big impossible goals.

Maybe become an entrepreneur, a YouTube star, a coach, or a public speaker.

Maybe, you want to follow your dream of working in a most sought-after industry, where image plays a big part like fashion, music, or film.

You know deep down you’ve got what it takes.

It’s just a different and more challenging world than the one you’re used to.

So, you need that confidence boost, that pushes you to take a leap of faith into the unknown territory.

There is a solution to your problem!

To put it simple words you gotta fake it till you make it.

Now, this isn’t about performing brain surgery or flying a plane when you have no idea how to do those things.

Maybe you saw Leonardo DiCaprio doing those in the movie ‘catch me if you can’

Yup! fun movie but not what we’re talking about here.

What we’re talking about is ramping up your confidence outside of your comfort zone.

Learning what you need to and becoming the best, most confident version of yourself.

A version of you that’s better equipped to make your goals and dreams happen!


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Without wasting any time further, let’s dive into the topic,

How to Fake it till You Make it?

Are you up for the challenge?

Let’s get to it and find out how.

You can become the version of ‘YOU’ you need to be

We promise we’re not getting all flower power on you with this one.

It’s an observable fact that everything and everybody is constantly changing.

They end up becoming something or someone new.

For example, our personalities, our abilities, our confidence levels, the way others see us, and the way we see ourselves.

Think about those, before they were famous photos, we’ve all seen of celebrities when they were awkward, socially inept teenagers.

And now look at the extremely confident successful people, they are now, who figured out how to become their best versions of themselves. Any of us can do the same.

Maybe, the idea of speaking to a room full of investors, doing a ted talk, being a business leader, or on the podium.

Even though, it’s something you really want right now it’s hard for you to picture yourself there.

Remember that… nobody is born confident and natural in front of an audience, an expert in their field, a great entertainer negotiator, or whatever.

They all developed the necessary qualities to become these things.

And you can too!

Design an Image of the ‘YOU’, you want to Become

Anytime we want to achieve something, we have to set clear goals. This is no different.

Whatever attributes you need to acquire, picture a version of yourself, not just with those qualities, but oozing them is your ideal version of you.

Someone, who’s got amazing communication skills or who can inspire people, whenever words come out of their mouth.

Is he or she an expert in something?

Is it somebody who’s in good shape or more attractive than you think you are now?

Define the version of “YOU”, you want to become.

Have a picture of them in your mind now.

We’re not saying this is going to make you become that person.

But it’s a start because now you know what to aim for.

Find Role Models, Study, and Mimic Them


Now that you’ve got the image of what you’re aiming for, you’re going to want to look to others for inspiration too.

Observe people, who have the qualities you want.

Whether it’s someone you know or someone famous.

Observe them, think about the way they carry themselves and how it adds to their success, and mimic those things.

If it’s someone who has amazing communication skills, see how they construct arguments, explain, or persuade.

Study elegant turns of phrase they use and start slipping in those into conversations as well.

In fact, studying and mimicking is what actors do, when they’re preparing for a role.

It lets them convince the audience. They are the person they’re pretending to be.

Even you can do the same thing to persuade people that you’re sophisticated, persuasive, eloquent, and self-assured. Except you’re not so much pretending, you’re becoming that person.

However, researchers found that the brain is capable of learning the new way of “acting.”

There’s a reason why the phrase “fake it ’til you make it” is still exceedingly popular. You can train your brain to project confidence until it’s second nature.

In addition, different hormones activate depending on posture and breathing. This can further impact your mood and confidence levels.

Will you be super confident overnight? Probably not.

But you can keep faking confidence until the brain treats it as the new normal.

Does Voice Play an Important Role?

Voice projection is a speaker’s greatest trick. Think of the greatest orators in history. They certainly didn’t mumble or pull back.

With the help of great speaking skills, Hitler convinced every German to actively participate in World War II!

You can try the same trick. If you tend to mumble when you’re nervous, play with projection. Speak a little louder than you normally would. It can help you come across as more confident.

Ms. Elizabeth Holmes was an example, who used to speak in a very low-pitched voice in her daily life, through which she convinced all idiot Billionaires to invest in her NEVER PROVEN model of Portable Blood Testing machine Edison. 

Courtesy – YouTube

Dress the Part

Maybe you’ve heard the saying “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.

The way you dress alters the way, other people perceive you and make them take you more seriously.

So, start dressing for the version of you you’re aiming for.

It can even be the way you perceive yourself.

Wear something that gives off serious success vibes and the chances are you’ll start acting that way.

If you can’t afford that Armani suit that will make you feel like a million bucks, don’t worry! We will soon come up with an article where you can look rich even without spending too much.

But don’t stop at your clothing.

Take a look at your entire look.

From your hair to your shoes, make sure they all help you feel confident. Otherwise, the smallest thing may throw you off.

Work on your body language too

This one’s similar to dressing for, who you want to be.

The great thing is it’s not going to cost you a penny.

Just like dressing for success, there’s a lot of research on how the right body language builds confidence and makes others see you in a different light.

Check out Amy Cuddy’s Ted talk on it.

She talks about how making yourself small or hunching over makes you feel weak.

And how opening yourself up, rolling your shoulders back, and leaning in and just looking confident really makes you feel and act that way.

Body language speaks a thousand words. It also goes a long way towards how others perceive confidence.

Researchers also found that holding this power pose for as little as 2 minutes releases positive hormones. And you know those feel-good hormones can help you physically feel more confident.

Do remember though you don’t want to overdo it. It’ll just come across as ridiculous and arrogant which you don’t want.

Other small things you can do are smile more, talk in a calm composed voice, take deep breaths, and relax. They all help you feel and appear more self-assured, and another thing that we’re big fans of is meditation.

As well as helping with the things we’ve just mentioned. It can even help you find solutions to all kinds of problems you’re facing.

Remind Yourself of What You’re Already Good At

Everybody’s got things they’re good at. And whatever goals you’re aiming for, it ought to be something that draws on talents or abilities you’ve already demonstrated.

Let’s say you want to be a lawyer. But you’re not so good at speaking or persuading people, but at least you’re good at logical thinking. Well, the good news is you’ve got at least a base to build on. You’ve got the clear reasoning in place you just need to build upon the communication part.

Or you want to be a YouTuber. you’ve got loads of great ideas to communicate to an audience but you feel awkward appearing on the screen.

The same is true, you’ve got a starting point. remind yourself of what you’re good at. That’s your foundation. \

And whenever you’re not feeling confident, think about what you know you’re capable of and use that to take yourself up.

Straight Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul. And maintaining eye contact speaks volumes about your confidence in your own self.

But holding eye contact may be easier said than done.

Even if it starts feeling awkward or unnatural, don’t look away! That may be counterproductive to your confidence efforts.

Instead, try shifting your focus a little to the person’s mouth.

You may even watch their nose or chin.

Shifting your focus a little still gives the impression that you’re attentive and engaged. But you don’t have to worry about awkward eye contact.

Just remember to look away when the conversation breaks naturally. Staring after the conversation winds down may seem odd and off-putting.

Stretch outside of your comfort zone

So, you’ve worked on your confidence and your inner game.

Now’s the time to start acting.

Like Richard Branson – put it!

If someone offers you an amazing opportunity, but you’re not sure you can do it, say yes and then learn how to do it later.

Have that spirit of jumping into things, even when you’re not totally prepared. That means to stop thinking about starting that YouTube channel, and actually start it.

Stop dreaming about those jobs, which are a little out of reach and start applying for them and see what happens.

Start pitching those business ideas, you’ve dreamed up.

Put yourself out in the open arena where you can face the market’s cut-throat competition.

Sure, you’ll trip up in places and even fall flat on your face. But it doesn’t matter.

If you don’t take action, opportunities will never come your way.

You can have a million great ideas, but with no action, they’ll never come to fruition so take action.

Now, break out of your comfort zone and what you don’t know, you can learn along the way.

Courtesy – YouTube

Afraid of Committing Mistakes?

Yep! If you’re outside your comfort zone, you can be sure mistakes are going to happen.

So, don’t beat yourself up about them.

Learn from them and know how to pick yourself back up again.

Also, very important. Mistakes are fine but try to avoid the ones that are going to cost you or have grave consequences.

When you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you can make a fool of yourself in front of an investor.

You’ll laugh about it one day but investing thousands in a business idea and losing it all, just because you had no idea, what you were doing?!

Yep, that’s the one you could have should have avoided.

That’s also why you can fake it till you make it as a YouTuber, an online marketer, or an entrepreneur. But as a brain surgeon or a pilot? Well, not such a good idea!

Learn What You Need To “Make It”

Remember that Richard Branson quote? Yes, when someone gives you a wonderful opportunity.

Let’s not forget the second part learn to do it later.

So, make sure you do exactly that whatever the knowledge you’re lacking.

Learn it.

Learn it fast, and then go above and beyond and keep on learning, until you know more than anyone else.

Remember that the idea is to fake it till you make it, is not just to keep faking it forever.

So, learn what you need to.

Be an information sponge, read books and take courses.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Whatever it is you want to fake until you’re good at it, any help you can get is going to give you a huge boost to your chances of getting there.

Maybe, somebody’s asked you to write blog posts for them and you’ve never done it before. You might not want to tell that person, you’re feeling out of your depth. But do find someone you can confide in, who knows more than you do, who can point you in the right direction and help to get you on track.

That’s also why entrepreneurs, who are on their way to success usually get a mentor.

They’re learning as they go along at breakneck speed.

And that mentor who knows their way around the business world, better than they do is going to give them much better chances of success.

If it doesn’t Feel Right, Stop There and Try Something Else

If it feels wrong or if it feels like you’re faking it so much, it just doesn’t feel like you anymore, then stop and rethink.

A big part of faking it till you make it, is building up confidence.

So, if you just feel out of place doing something, that’s not going to help you build any confidence, it’s probably going to destroy it.

Take a few steps back, remind yourself one more time what you’re good at, and think of how else you can use those talents.

Remember, we talked about that YouTuber who has loads of great ideas but hates the camera.

If they still feel like that after a few weeks, think of another way you can apply your talents in this case.

Faking it in front of a camera didn’t work, and it won’t work all the time.

Don’t worry, adapt and in this case, maybe you can try a blog instead.

Get Feedback and Find Loopholes within “You”

Outside opinions are going to point you on the way to success.

If you’re learning to become an entrepreneur, listen to everything customers tell you.

If it’s that YouTube Channel or blog, how are viewers reading or reacting?

What does the analytics tell you?

What do people say in the comments?

Get as much feedback as you can.

Work out what you’re doing right and keep on doing it.

And at the same time, see what you still need to develop or change, then do that.

Collect proof of your success

Every time you hit a goal, take note of it.

Give yourself a big pat on your back.

Celebrate and keep it on your running tally of wins.

Every time you post a video that gets a huge number of views.

Any month you get a huge number of orders.

Anytime somebody invests in your business.

Anytime a client recommends you and sends new business your way.

By now, you’re already somewhere on the journey from faking it to making it.

But you need to be able to remind yourself of your success.

It’s going to be important, whenever you hit a roadblock, whenever something goes wrong, your confidence is down, and you start to ask yourself, “am I really any good at this?” or “should I be doing this at all?”

That’s the time to pull out that tally of successes.

If you’ve got those to show, you can answer those questions with a big yes.

They’ll help you pull yourself back up and keep you on track.

Buck Yourself Up in Nerve-Wracking Situations

On the path between faking it till we make it, we’re all going to find ourselves in nerve-wracking situations.

Pitching to that influential investor or client or just meeting somebody who’s famous and successful and you feel in awe of them.

Do whatever it takes to buck yourself up.

Remind yourself of those successes.

You can also use psychological tricks to stop yourself from feeling nervous.

Like, close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine you’re the most qualified and successful person in the room.

Now that’s not a pass to start acting arrogant. As we said, that’s not something you want to end up doing.

It’s a strategy to remind yourself that you’re important and you count as well.

Keep on Faking it Till You Make It

Once you’ve found the track that feels right for you, where one success builds on another, stay on it and build yourself up bit by bit.

At some point, you’ll get to the stage where the successes out numbers the failures.

The things you did right outnumber your mistakes and once you hit the point, where you don’t have to keep talking yourself up, because it comes naturally.

Once that happens, you’re not faking it anymore.

You’ve made it.

So, what do you think is the best way to fake it till you make it?!

Once You’ve Made “IT”, Learn How to Deal With “Imposter Syndrome”

If you’ve never heard of it before, “Imposter Syndrome” is when successful people start having nagging questions in their heads.

Like how did I get here?

Am I really worthy?

It’s actually pretty common.

People like Albert Einstein to Tom Hanks have had it.

In fact, by some counts 70 percent of remarkably successful people get it.

So, once you’ve made it, there’s a surprisingly good chance you’ll get it too.

First, accept it and try not to make a big deal out of it.

Remember that, lots of other successful people have had it too, so you’re in good company.

Then you can go back to reminding yourself of your successes, not to beat yourself up about the mistakes.

Whatever things we mentioned in this article already will help.

And then admit that no matter how successful we get, we’ve still got to fake it some of the time.

but hey, maybe that’s not such a terrible thing!

Courtesy – YouTube

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