How to Escape from a Rogue Taxi Driver?

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How to Escape from a Rogue Taxi Driver?


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Let us assume you took all precautions while booking a taxi through online portals like UBER or OLA.

You see the taxi approaching you.

You get into the hired taxi. But, as the journey starts, you realise that driver has some criminal intentions.

Now what?

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Real-Life Incident: Noida Rape Case

An unregistered driver, taking Uber bookings, allegedly raped a 26-year-old woman in Greater Noida. 

The perpetrator was using someone else’s credentials. 

The police had arrested both the unregistered driver and the person whose name he was using to drive the vehicle.

The woman was an employee at a technology company and had booked the cab on the night of February 5 from her friend’s residence in Greater Noida to her residence in Greater Noida West.

The route from the pick-up to the destination did not see much traffic at night.

The accused was identified as Aarav Yadav, a resident of Nuh in Haryana, India.

He was using the credentials of one Joginder, a resident of Mahendragarh in Haryana, India, as mentioned in a report in Hindustan Times.

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Joginder’s name and details showed up on the app when the woman booked the cab.

As per the woman’s complaint, once the trip started at 10:35 pm, the unregistered driver kept taking U-turns on the same route.

She said she asked the driver if he was aware of the route, to which he said that he wasn’t familiar with the area and asked her to check on Google Maps.

She said that she was on the phone but ended the call as she had to navigate.

She added that he took the phone from her for navigation and after two minutes drove the car into the bushes.

She said that she started screaming for help, following which he opened the door of her seat and forced himself on her.

The woman also added that he dropped her home only after she paid him Rs 1,000.

She kept the incident to herself for a couple of days before telling a friend on February 9, after which they approached the police.

The responsibility of such incidents lies in Uber since a non-designated driver was driving the cab. The company failed to carry due diligence in the verification of its drivers.

Fake Uber Driver Rape Case: United States

Los Angeles police had arrested a man they say posed as an Uber driver and lured a woman waiting for a ride into his car, where he choked her unconscious several times and sexually assaulted her as police tried to rescue her.

Police Chief Charlie Beck said Monday that 39-year-old Dartanyun Smith was arrested over the weekend for kidnapping and rape after he was tied to the “horrific” crime through DNA evidence.


Early morning on April 3, Smith pulled up to a woman who was waiting on a street corner in Los Angeles’ Westlake District and asked her whether she was waiting for an Uber, authorities said.

Beck said the woman got into the car “with some trepidation.”

Smith then drove about two blocks and attacked her, choking the woman at least three times to unconsciousness, the chief said.

She fought back, police said — her shrill screams alerting neighbors to call 911.

Responding officers heard her cries coming from a dark-colored SUV, in which they said they saw a male suspect assaulting a woman in the back seat.

“The victim was valiantly fighting the suspect,” police said in a statement. “The officers tried to open the doors of the suspect’s vehicle, but they were locked.

Officers used their batons to break the vehicle’s side windows in an attempt to render aid to the victim.”

Police said the man jumped into the driver’s seat, started the engine and stepped on the gas — driving toward officer Jhoel DeJesus.

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DeJesus fired one shot at the man but missed, police said.

“The suspect vehicle continued to flee from the officers,” police said in their statement. “The officers pursued the vehicle but lost sight of it.”

The FBI and the LAPD’s Forensic Service Division helped the Robbery-Homicide Division in the investigation, collecting DNA evidence from the woman’s sexual assault kit as well as samples from under her fingernails.

Authorities then identified Smith as the suspect.

“We believed that we had a predator loose on the streets of Los Angeles,” Beck said. “We didn’t want the second crime in a series to occur.”

Smith was arrested on Saturday morning, according to police booking records. He was held on $1 million bail.tubebuddy

Beck and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti urged the public to use caution when using ride-hailing services.

“It’s so important that when you’re using a ride application like Uber to make sure that the person [driving the car] is the person they say they are,” Beck said, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Uncomfortable Questions

1. Once you get into a car and sense some sort of problem, then what?

2. In case of any incident, you decide to press the panic button on the mobile app. Then will Batman or Superman come to your rescue? No! You just press the panic button and keep waiting for some miracle to rescue you.

3. Let us suppose, you sense a problem in the area where mobile network is weak or not available due to which you cannot even activate or press “PANIC BUTTON” available in the mobile app? These mobile apps are functional only with the availability of a good mobile network signal. No Signal means a nonoperational mobile app.grammarly

4. Even if you decide to call someone for help, but will the person in question, be able to reach you before any untoward incident happens with you? No!

5. What if, the driver activates the “Child Lock” or “Window Glass Roll Down Lock” feature available in all cars and you cannot open any door to jump out? {Child Lock or all-glass roll down lock features, are available in almost all vehicles which allows the driver, to automatically lock all doors to open or window glasses to roll down of the car for the safety of unattended kids sitting on rear seats (including both rear doors!)}. You will be a helpless soul who can do nothing but to wait for the driver to de-activate the Child Lock or Window Glass Roll Down feature.

6. When some untoward incidents happen to you while inside the taxi, then what are the options in front of you? Nothing but to keep running after Local Police and prove that the concerned driver is a culprit and committed crime against you.

7. What if, after committing the crime against you, the driver decides to kill you (in order to wipe out all proofs against him?) Then your soul can keep waiting in hell or heaven for some miracle to happen, which will help police to catch the culprit driver.

8. Will, the owners, and CEOs of mobile-based cab booking apps will come and compensate you for your loss?

9. Are you confident that in case of any incident then the Indian Judicial System will ensure justice within the stipulated time? No! You just keep getting new dates for court hearings..

Safety tips of Lady Passengers

Now in spite of all precautions in booking of the online taxi and boarding it, still during the ride, you sense some sort of problem from the driver. Then what are the options?

1. Seating. Always sit behind CO-DRIVERS’ seat. Never sit exactly behind the driver’s seat. Or else the driver may keep an eye on you through the back mirror.

2. Keep Safety Items handy. Always carry the small foldable knife and Pepper Spray.

Use it, if required.

This will give you some time in hand to react to the situation. Their usage doesn’t need any further explanation. Link of few safety items for women are mentioned below (click from Amazon website links):-

Pepper Spray

Fold-able Swiss Knife

3. Back seat. means better control over the driver. In case of any issue with the driver, where he is not listening to you or driving on his own will, then you can lock your hands around the driver’s neck and choke him out with full force, even though he is driving!


Please understand that you are inside a car (or a metal box, with lots of safety features) and will get away with minor scratches even if the car bangs here and there or topples. Once some accident happens, then all bystander will surely rush to help. Rest assured, its a better option to have few injuries or scratches, than getting raped or killed.


4. Free Calling Facility. No harm in keeping someone on call till your ride gets over. Or you can call up some friend or relative and talk to him or her throughout your journey.

5. Insert your Nails in the Eyes. Attack on the driver’s eyes by inserting your two fingernails from behind. His hands will be busy on steering, and you can have a full advantage.


6. Use your Teeth to full strength. Try to cut his hand or any other available body part with your teeth. This will give you a good advantage due to initial pain on the driver’s body parts. Moral of the story. Keep your teeth strong and healthy.


7. Face the Situation As If There Is “No Tomorrow”. Just face the situation. Now you are stuck with this devil driver, who has something drastically fishy going on in his mind. Just be Cool! Think about all the possible ways out. Just face the situation as it comes.


8. Run for your life. Whenever you get a chance, just get out of the car and run to your last breath, till you get some help.


We have covered some important safety precautions everyone needs to ensure while booking a taxi through online app services.

Courtesy – YouTube

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