Black Magic: Beyond Life?

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Black Magic: Beyond Life?


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Today we will try to explore the unchartered waters of Black Magic.

Let’s dive into the topic, “Black Magic: Beyond Life?” without wasting any further time.

Real-Life Incident

An Indian businessman from a relatively affluent area around 50 km from Mumbai was arrested after his 21-year-old daughter, who he had been sexually abusing since 2000, broke her silence about her ordeal.

She decided to confide in her grandmother (on her mother’s side) after her father began targeting her younger sister, who is 15.

The police also arrested a practitioner of black magic and the wife of the rapist.


According to The Times of India, the guru advised the father that raping his daughter would make him rich. The tantric also regularly abused the girl.

With the above incident, it is very evident that Black Magic is a more serious issue than what we are ready to accept in reality. Some very uncomfortable questions need to be answered: –

1. What exactly happened to the father: he just lost his mind and decided to rape his daughters?

2. Was Black Magic just an excuse to cover his heinous intention for his daughters?

3. After following Black Magician’s advice, did the father make wealth?

4. Was the mother not aware of her husband’s crime, committed right under her nose for more than 10 years? Or was she also convinced concerning her husband’s actions?

Through this article, we neither support Black Magic nor advertise it! But, there are few unexplained practices, which have not been justified by science but still exist. 

Therefore, we decided to explore this dark arena, where very few souls dare to venture alone. To understand this issue, let us jump straight into this topic.

What is Black Magic?

Black Magic is the attempt to communicate with spirits for evil purposes. It is known for using supernatural powers or magic to achieve evil and selfish wishes It has been going on for centuries.

black magic

Like its counterpart, the white magic, the origins of black magic can be traced to be primitive and ritualistic worship of spirits.

Purpose. The purposes and ambitions of this magic are to create intentions that are objectionable when it comes to society. It was designed to invoke spirits to produce beneficial outcomes for the practitioners.

The location also provides a broad modern definition of black and white magic, preferring it to be referred to as high magic (white) and low magic, which primarily depends on the practitioner’s intentions.

During the period of the Renaissance, most of the magical practices and rituals were considered to be evil or irreligious.

However, this term was most commonly confined to practitioners accused of invoking other evil spirits and demons to hex or curse their neighbours and use this magic to harm their magic

Satanism or the devil-worship influences a popular culture that has allowed other practices to be drawn under the broad banner of “Black Magic”. 

While the invocation of demons or spirits is accepted as a part of black magic, this practice is distinct from the worship or deification of such spiritual beings.

Background History

The belief and practice of black magic have been part of our human lives since early ages and have importance in religious or medicinal roles. 

It is derived from Old Persian Magus, a Zoroastrian astrologer priest of the Medes. 

This supernatural power is also quite famous and is mentioned extensively in Egyptian literature.Load WooCommerce Stores in 249ms! Later in the 14th century, it started to gain serious attention from the French. 

Sorcery also appeared to gain attention in the same period; however, it became popular by early 1526.

Black Magic has always gained negative popularity for its connection with evil, scary, mysterious, or superstitious spirits and is often practised to harm innocent people. 

Black magic was also practised for both purposes, i.e. betterment or revenge. It was also referred to as Satanism.

Practising black magic was never considered a crime, even though the intentions behind doing this cheap magic may be against the crime.

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Scientific Relevance

Black magic is a belief-based concept in scientific terms, often termed a myth or superstition.

Force Derivations? As experts suggest, black magic can derive its forces from the positive or negative energy surrounding us. 

These can be used to benefit an ordinary person or a business and even cause sufficient damage and destroy mental peace.

Will-power? However, it is also believed that it is difficult to affect someone who possesses strong willpower and usually doesn’t believe in any superstitions.

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Energy Levels? It is referred to as the fifth and the sixth energy, respectively, after the fundamental forces: Weak Gravity, Strong Gravity, Electromagnetism, Weak Nuclear Power, and Strong Nuclear Power.

Black Magic Vs Religion

It has been ages since magic and religion were considered twin brothers. Both are linked to recognising power; however, the outcome differs essentially. They usually threaten to trespass on each other.

black magicBlack Magic In India

The Indian Vedas, the Atharvaveda in particular, gave descriptions of magic which tells us that the Brahmins had learned and practised black magic. 

They used to possess all the skills required to perform such types of magic for their betterment. Many people still believe in this black magic and practice it in today’s world.

Some research proves that practising black magic in the Caribbean, India, the United States, and other countries remains the same. However, the method of practising it may differ. 

Studies prove that people have always used to fear Black magic since the Middle Ages.

Black Magic Hubs in India

In India, people from different states refer to black magic using various names such as folk-Magic or Kala-Jaadu.

Manipur. In Manipur, practitioners performing black magic are often referred to as “Shaman (Maiba)” who conduct this for the good of individuals when misfortunes affect them.

black magic

Assam. In the city of Assam, a place named “Mayong” is quite famous for the practice of black magic. 

It is also known as “the Land of Black Magic” because the amount of black magic and witchcraft practised here is powerful enough to destroy an individual’s life.

Relevance in Foreign Countries

India is always considered as the land of black magic by foreigners. 

Several foreigner devotees – both men and women – from Germany, France, Thailand, and other countries visit India to research the tactics used while practising black magic.tubebuddy

They also try to learn techniques that can help attain some peace of mind and deeply believe in the mystical powers.

Practices of Black magic: Voodoo Dolls

Love-charm is the most usual practice performed by practitioners to lure someone they admire.

Voodoo Spell. Voodoo is another practice done using a doll, a needle, and a spell. 

When the needle is pinned to the doll, it will directly affect the person in the respective places where the doll is being pinned. 

It is always considered harmful and against nature when practised.

When casting magic, a voodoo priest or priestess uses a voodoo doll, some black mustard seeds, red cloth and some pins along with lemons and vermillion. 

This voodoo doll is first prepared by attaching a picture, photo or used piece of cloth or hair from the body of the person, who needs to be controlled or represented. The rituals are performed using the other items as stated above.

black magic

Pinning. At the end of the ritual, once the doll and victim are connected by the above method, needles are pushed inside the doll’s body at specific points to break the energy system of the victim. 

It is believed that through these dolls, the practitioner can give the other person a lot of pain and, to some extent, can even kill the victim. 

As the pins are pushed into the dolls, the victim also experiences the needles pierced into his body.

black magic

Through this article, it’s impossible to help readers understand how this whole mission is accomplished.

Basic Requirements. There are some requirements while performing voodoo doll magic. 

The doll should be made of fabric and resemble a proper human. 

There is also a need to attach a part of the victim’s body parts of items to the doll—for example, a lock of hair or skin. 

The correct procedure is to be ensured while performing black magic. Otherwise, it is believed that they could backfire.

Distance is Irrelevant. It is believed that the victim may be sitting thousands of miles away, but still, they will experience the pain instantaneously. 

If the victim is made to eat or drink food and water that consists of the ash of the dead, also called the Masaan (infused and negatively charged energy by the black magician), the effect is life-threatening. It gives total control over the victim’s mind and body.


Exorcism is a method of removing an evil spirit from your body, which a priest often performs. 

Some believe that it could be disastrous if not carried out properly, while one participant reported that it is a better way to communicate with the spirits at the time of their death.

black magic

Tell-Tale Signs. According to the Church, tell-tale signs of demonic possession include: –

1. Speaking or understanding languages which the person has never learned (different from “speaking in tongues,” which is considered a sign of religious ecstasy, not possession)

2. Knowing (and revealing) things the person has no earthly way of knowing.

3. Physical strength beyond the person’s natural physical makeup.

4. A violent aversion to God, the Virgin Mary, the cross and other images of the Catholic faith

In “My Six Popes,” Cardinal Jacques Martin reports that Pope John Paul II performed an exorcism on a woman in 1982. There are also reports that Mother Teresa underwent an exorcism shortly before her death in 1997 because the Archbishop of Calcutta believed the devil was assaulting her.

Is sex-linked to Black Magic?

Many cases have proved that people get indulged in forced sex or even rape because of the curses of black magic.

Courtesy – Youtube

Two women in Sydney were confronted with the district court and shared their experience that how their lives were shattered as they were forced into sex because of black magic.
black magic

Sex workers in downtown Nairobi revealed that they use black magic rituals to attract their customers and force them to visit regularly.

There have been cases where men and women have used black magic to attract the opposite sex for love and physical intimacy.

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Impact on Health

A Promise? Besides harmful practices, black magic is also performed to spread faith, truth, and love. 

There are myths that saints, priests, and practitioners try to use black magic to attract the light of God, which helps them lead a healthy and promising life.

As per reports, black magic also helps people to cure diseases. 

Another method generally used by priests or practitioners that helps cure diseases is using a voodoo doll and bringing it to life by making an image of the person.

A tool to sort out Family and Property Disputes

As jealousy is a common human tendency, few people who cannot bear the happiness of a family and perform black magic with an intention to hurt or harm them. 

As black magic, in any form like Voodoo Dolls Magic, is very powerful, and it harms the people in the family by destroying their mental peace or, sometimes, may also cause physical damage.

black magic

How can Black Magic be cured?

It’s a common belief that if things are not falling in place, an evil spirit restricts them from getting better. 

To avoid such instances, people tend to find effective practitioners who can help them remove this black magic.

Besides harmful practices, black magic is also performed to spread faith, truth, and love. 

There are myths that saints, priests, and practitioners try to use black magic to attract the light of the god near to the people, which helps them lead a healthy and promising life.

As per reports, black magic also helps people to cure diseases. 

Another method generally used by priests or practitioners that helps cure diseases is using a voodoo doll and bringing it to life by making an image of the person.

Money wastage

As per fundamental belief, there is no proof of attack any through Black Magic since science doesn’t support it. Even if someone attacks you, there is no way you can catch the attacker or prove his crime.

Once the person is a victim of black magic, then the psychological fear takes control of his mind, as the enemy is invisible and unaware of the reason behind such attacks. grammarly

So, the victim willingly empties the pocket to get out of this problem.

Misuse. Some Black Magic practitioners take advantage of such psychological attacks on the victim and try to extract maximum money out of the victims. 

Some practitioners even sexually assault the victim in the garb of curing the victim for Black Magic. 

Sometimes, the victims are dragged into this issue by their own practitioner.

Fake Magicians. Out of 100 percent of people, who claim to be black magic specialists, 80 percent are fraudsters. 

It also creates a psychological impact on you as you tend them whatever money you have, but you don’t see the results. 

This frustrates or depresses you significantly, and you lose faith in people. 

You need to research thoroughly before actually approaching any priests or practitioners. 

Finding a real trained master magician is quite tricky.

Why Black magic?

Black magic is strongly believed to be implemented by a believer who believes in psychic powers and superstitions.

black magic

The primary intention of doing black magic is to hurt people by using hostile natural powers by creating psychic visualization and then implementing it on an individual’s body.

Black magic is no less than religion to those who invest in it. They lay their faith in these practices and follow it sincerely.

Conclusion – Good or Bad?

India is often called a progressive society; however, there are weaknesses experienced by subservient people across the globe who use their archaic ways to find and bring happiness into their lives.

Emotions play a significant factor in performing black magic on someone to hurt that person. 

Black magic is considered to take us far away from reality to form a comfortable nest in our minds.

Indians are known for their practice regarding black magic and their dedication to it. 

They concentrate for hours trying to understand the patterns of the negative energy and using it on the people for their betterment. 

Many Indians also earn a good amount of money doing such things.

It is essential to understand that black magic should be performed to get positive results from your work or life and should be avoided if the intentions are harmful. 

It is also important to realize that innovative work and hard work pay off, and taking the help of black magic should not be entertained at all.

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